The Glorified Colors

No matter what color she carry, It may be red, blue or white. There is always a more beautiful aspect, Which presents astonishing sight.
Sometimes its boon for the eyes, Sometimes seems god's pride. The endless versions keep appearing, Every time turning everything to delight
The power to impress anything, Making even stones go smile. The aura is not to be encompassed in words, A look and even desert turns fertile.
As if every color is made, To just rejoice her credit. And the ignorant colors feel proud, Going by the way news get spreaded
It wont be late,  When colors would fight. Who is going to enjoy her company And would remain in limelight

Oh Woman!

Oh woman! The ocean of emotion, A rare combination of love, care and patience. God must have put all learning while creating, The way you carry strength with elegance.
The selfless acts of love you shower, Infinite efforts for our happiness you make. Most of the times taken for granted, The endless pain for relations you take.
Pity people who feel you need support, Their humble ignorance, considering you weak. Though they themselves need the warmth of your touch, It’s only your company, in agony, they seek.
Woman and sacrifice are synonym for a reason, Nothing more than love, they want in return. It’s not our greatness to realize and provide it, But her eminence to ignore asking, what she earn.


Fatigue instantly disappears, sadness seems so fragile. When i attempt to crack a joke,  and you respond with a beautiful smile.
As if flowers starts to blossom, and rainbow appears in the sky. the nature unfolds beautifully, and me standing still, taking a sigh.
the spark in your eyes, make the world glow, makes me write all this, effortlessly in a flow.
let the nature be jealous Keep smiling the way you do i wont leave any stone unturned, to always keep praising you.

The Essence of Life

After a long hectic day I finally started wrapping up to leave for home and requested OLA to help me with a ride from Noida to Delhi. I kept trying, and each time the driver denied duty as the cabs were UP registered and no one wanted to go to Delhi at late hours.
Then after around 45 minutes, it showed me Haryana registered cab which made my hopes high. I called the driver (Raghav) on number provide by OLA to get confirmation on drop location. Raghav didn’t wait to hear my hello and requested
Sir, please don’t cancel the ride, I’ll be there in 2 minutes.
I replied “Dear, I have been trying hard to get a cab and happy to hear this statement from you. By the way it’s a Delhi drop, is it ok?
He confirmed “Sure sir, just reaching...”
So he arrived and we started heading towards the destination.
Raghav: “Sir, I too have been waiting to get passenger for Delhi as I reside there, and it’s good to get one just in time.
Mukesh: “Great, but the service provider must show the drop location and…

Coffee, magic OR..

Coffee with her, Like magic happening all around, Nothing comparable to those moments, Could be ever created or found.
The awesome aroma of coffee, Mixed with chuckles and sweet talk, Sharing experiences, debating topics, Creating distinct adorable memory mark
Is it the magic of coffee really? Or something in form of amazing feeling, It would be injustice to credit just coffee, As she is magic herself, the fact revealing
The way it all happens is beyond words, Naming her magic it’s just a false attempt, It would be raising the bar for magic, Comparing her to anything, proved contempt

Where were you all these year

With you, my time seems to fly,
You are cure to sadness oh my dear.
It just makes me always wonder, Where were you all these year.
You listen to me with all interest, Like a true friend, who is always there. No matter how hard I try, I could never match the way you care. It just makes me always wonder, Where were you all these year.
Every morning is something new with you, Togetherness with you is nothing but joy shear. You truly makes the morning good, And eventually adds there on smiles and tear. It just makes me always wonder, Where were you all these year.
With you there is indescribable ease, I can talk anything without any fear. I have no words to thank the fateful day, When your sweet presence in my life appear. It just makes me always wonder, Where were you all these year.

It's truly fascinating

It’s truly fascinating, how we assume we are right,
The fact remains, the situations are different, they are going through, It doesn’t mean that we haven’t faced what they are facing, It’s just that we assume that we were right then too.

It’s truly fascinating, how we pretend to know it all, The fact remains, that we keep searching for clue, It doesn’t mean, each and every time we get it right, It’s just that we assume that we were right then too.

It’s truly fascinating, the tendency to play victim, The fact remains, not everything is right, of all what we do, It doesn’t mean that we haven’t made someone else victim, It’s just that we assume that we were right then too.

It’s truly fascinating, how we pointed finger, The fact remains, where other four were pointing to, It doesn’t mean that we were unaware of our deeds, It’s just that we assume that we were right then too.


बालो की सफेदी बढ़ती जा रही है,
उम्र बढ़ती और मियाद घटती जा रही है.
पर कौन गिला करें फिज़ूल,
मेरे दोस्तों की तादात बढ़ती जा रही है.

ख्वाइश है की फिर बच्चा बन जाऊ,
बड़प्पन को बेदखल कर मासूमियत से ittrau.
पर क्या करें ये दुनियादारी की मशरूफियत,
हर कही से रूबरू आ रही है.
पर कौन गिला करें फिज़ूल,
मेरे दोस्तों की तादात बढ़ती जा रही है.

सुबह से ही मुबारक़बादो की,
एक झड़ी सी बरसी जा रही है.
पर रह  रह कर ज़िन्दगी की परेशानिया
मुसलसल चेहरा दिखा रही है.
पर कौन गिला करें फिज़ूल,
मेरे दोस्तों की तादात बढ़ती जा रही है.

Freedom We Enjoy

First of all a very happy independence day in advance to all of you.
Oh you are married, please ignore the first line and read on.
We all are lucky to born in a free country and are enjoying the freedom for which our ancestors made many sacrifices. But our contribution is also significant for we have clearly understood the real significance of this freedom.
We are no more dependent on any other country or ruler to come and exploit us as we are now self-sufficient in doing that ourselves. Gone are the days when British looted us of our resources and exploited the people of India, we are smart enough to learn their strategy and implement among fellow Indians. 
We are even many steps ahead of our past rulers as we have created many barriers ourselves to divide the Indian society in many segments based on caste they belong, economic status, state/city people live in, religion they follow, political party they support and many more.
We are in process of developing more of such things to cre…

Parental Woes

There is no doubt that education in India has evolved drastically. For now they emphasize not only on the kids but parents too. My generation parents are sort of revisiting the educational phase again. The curriculum, the assignments, the activities being followed in schools today are on the terms of creating more Rajnikanths or superheroes per se in the society.
I haven’t had any idea that apart from struggling for livelihood, I would also need to cope up with completing my kid’s homework because my kid is not a born artist, or a poet, or an environmentalist and neither am I. It gives me an inferiority complex as I cannot even boast about whatever iota of success I have achieved in my life compared to the burden of all-rounder expectation being carried by my lad at such a tender age.
When I look at that heavy school bag which can even put the weight lifters to shame, I don’t even expect him to say “My papa is strongest!” rather he points at my laptop bag and says how lucky you are. Wh…