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Traffic in Delhi

Commuters in Delhi are not just commuting in their vehicle, it’s a race of pride and honor for them. It’s the time which is governed by adrenaline rush, it’s the time to show one’s mettle while moving on high dose of anger and hatred. We are the fighters on the road with all set to take on in a blink of the eye. I join this race every morning while moving towards my workplace. You dare not overtake any other vehicle as for them it’s a challenge they accept graciously with the motto to leave anyone else behind as you are literally demeaning their driving skills by the act. As soon as one grabs the driving seat, the hatred for the red color lamps is inevitable in their eyes because a warrior knows no boundation. But then have to stop staring fanatically on these red lights with grudge due to presence of law saviors. And it’s worse if the one is not in the front row. The front rowers doesn’t care about when its turning green as it’s the duty of the followers to bring it to h

Theory of Nothing

Nothing, the word confirms emptiness, void, and non-existent premise for any issue or problem. Now imagine a scenario; you come back to home and the wife’s face is expressionless. Though she is helping you out with all the regular chores but no talks, just like a machine. You get suspicious of some blunder and with all the curiosity of your humble existence, you ask “Everything OK? What happened?” Till now world is in place… and then you hear the answer from your wife, just one word…”Nothing” This my friend, and take my words for this, is nothing related to the word itself. Have you ever seen a volcano? It has got a vent; and that vent, for your innocent information, is the meaning of that word. Do I need to tell what lies beneath that vent? Now you are catching up… You might take the word as what you learnt and read in dictionary but that even makes the situation worst because now, even if she is not speaking by herself, anything which her hands touches will make n

You have faced nothing yet

There was a young boy who was brilliant in every field. While studying in a vernacular school, he topped the senior secondary at national level. With all the happiness on his face, he came running to his dad at the evening and announced the news while describing the difficulties he faced and the hard work he deployed. His dad, while sipping his favorite whisky, pointed “Boy, you have faced nothing yet…” The son got puzzled. With more enthusiasm, he cleared the entrance exam of the top ranked engineering institute with flying colors. Again at the evening when his father arrived and settled with his drink in the hand, the son announced it to him with elaboration of how difficult it is. His dad, with no change of expression on his face, remarked “Boy, you have faced nothing yet...” and continued with his drink. Taking his father’s words as nothing but the sheer motivation, he topped the engineering too and got placed in an esteemed IT firm. Yet again, at the evening while his fa

The unsung heroes

Today we will talk about a breed which is the highly unnoticed, a breed which is so naïve to claim its existence, a breed which is being tossed between the 2 counterpart breeds but can’t even raise a voice due to respect and love for both, a breed full of ears and no say…. “Husband”. This breed comes with a debugger attached to it; according to whom this breed cannot do a single damn thing right never ever, never ever never and no prize for guessing, this debugger is called “Wife”. The debugger detects error in happy-time, sad-time, speaking-time, mute-time or so to say X-time. Name what you could imagine husband doing and there will be a set of n errors with optimum, well documented and glorified documentation. What this debugger hates (or rather enjoys) most is the TV-time. She floods a set of instructions at that time only, even knowing that husband is in pseudo listening mode. The poor husband isn’t aware of this and thinks that he is playing the game proficiently while