The unsung heroes

Today we will talk about a breed which is the highly unnoticed, a breed which is so naïve to claim its existence, a breed which is being tossed between the 2 counterpart breeds but can’t even raise a voice due to respect and love for both, a breed full of ears and no say…. “Husband”.

This breed comes with a debugger attached to it; according to whom this breed cannot do a single damn thing right never ever, never ever never and no prize for guessing, this debugger is called “Wife”. The debugger detects error in happy-time, sad-time, speaking-time, mute-time or so to say X-time. Name what you could imagine husband doing and there will be a set of n errors with optimum, well documented and glorified documentation.

What this debugger hates (or rather enjoys) most is the TV-time. She floods a set of instructions at that time only, even knowing that husband is in pseudo listening mode. The poor husband isn’t aware of this and thinks that he is playing the game proficiently while not executing any of the statements and considering them as comments whereas the wife keeps on documenting eveeeryyyythinnggggg extrapolating exponentially and plays that as trump card every time with no scope for poor husband to retaliate.

Above all, the husband has low support for event-handling. Whenever some event happens, the debugger adopts lazy-debugging and avoid raising error in time. The errors are raised far beyond that event occurred and vanished with no option for husband apart from going into wife’s most adorable scenario, “The listening and dare not say anything apart from sorry” mode.  

There are times when husband do come up with proving an error as “process defined attribute" but then the debugger starts iterating it’s executing out of the environment, separated from its OS excuse and the husband finally accepts it as an error while thinking... “yeah you are executing after being separated from your environment, but what about me, my own OS considers me as a virus since I shared the runtime with you…..”  


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