Theory of Nothing

Nothing, the word confirms emptiness, void, and non-existent premise for any issue or problem.

Now imagine a scenario; you come back to home and the wife’s face is expressionless. Though she is helping you out with all the regular chores but no talks, just like a machine. You get suspicious of some blunder and with all the curiosity of your humble existence, you ask “Everything OK? What happened?” Till now world is in place… and then you hear the answer from your wife, just one word…”Nothing” This my friend, and take my words for this, is nothing related to the word itself.

Have you ever seen a volcano? It has got a vent; and that vent, for your innocent information, is the meaning of that word. Do I need to tell what lies beneath that vent? Now you are catching up…

You might take the word as what you learnt and read in dictionary but that even makes the situation worst because now, even if she is not speaking by herself, anything which her hands touches will make noise. Yes exactly what you thought! Been there done that huh.

The second case would be that you might keep on asking “No I think something is there, what happened? Please tell” Keep trying to no avail, the reason being that in the process you will forget everything else, you will keep on dropping your ammunition. And finally when you are defenseless, she will vent out (yes, she knows when is that time!)

Now don’t ask me what to do next because though I have spent 12 years in marriage, I am yet to graduate. The reason could be anything; for instance you forgot to take her out since long (a week) or you might not have voluntarily asked her to visit her mom, doesn’t matter even if you have no issue with her asking the same.

You know why? Because despite there is a new definition to the word, it’s still unconfined, boundary-less and limitless.


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