Traffic in Delhi

Commuters in Delhi are not just commuting in their vehicle, it’s a race of pride and honor for them. It’s the time which is governed by adrenaline rush, it’s the time to show one’s mettle while moving on high dose of anger and hatred. We are the fighters on the road with all set to take on in a blink of the eye.

I join this race every morning while moving towards my workplace. You dare not overtake any other vehicle as for them it’s a challenge they accept graciously with the motto to leave anyone else behind as you are literally demeaning their driving skills by the act.

As soon as one grabs the driving seat, the hatred for the red color lamps is inevitable in their eyes because a warrior knows no boundation. But then have to stop staring fanatically on these red lights with grudge due to presence of law saviors. And it’s worse if the one is not in the front row. The front rowers doesn’t care about when its turning green as it’s the duty of the followers to bring it to his notice by raising the alarms of their vehicles as they cannot spare a single valuable moment standing still with green alluring them to embrace the accelerator.

The two-wheelers are the real whizz kids, they know how to crack the maze and surpass all others. But many of the times the four wheelers win as they read the two wheeler’s attempt and swiftly grabs the 3 feet opening with anger and victory dancing all over their faces without even looking at the face of the loser. The situation feels like someone trespassing their share of the land and how on earth the skill-gifted could let it happen?

When the inventors of the horn placed it on the vehicles, they had no idea of its real use. The warriors use it passionately to mark their presence and claim freeway. The two wheelers takes the horns as the opportunity to settle down the lack of music system and spread the joy opulently. And who the hell invented indicators and lane? It’s a war, and you want us to declare our next move!

The warriors too have hearts. Oh you don’t believe me? Try asking them address. The moment you ask them how to reach somewhere, they get converted into ocean of sympathy. Some will even willingly ask you to follow them to reach your destination if you share the same path.  
Road or no road, they can ply with ease while showering the “flowery words” on pedestrians and fellow warriors.

Long live the warriors! 
All Hail green light!! 
Park anywhere and fight for pride!!!


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