You have faced nothing yet

There was a young boy who was brilliant in every field. While studying in a vernacular school, he topped the senior secondary at national level. With all the happiness on his face, he came running to his dad at the evening and announced the news while describing the difficulties he faced and the hard work he deployed. His dad, while sipping his favorite whisky, pointed “Boy, you have faced nothing yet…” The son got puzzled.

With more enthusiasm, he cleared the entrance exam of the top ranked engineering institute with flying colors. Again at the evening when his father arrived and settled with his drink in the hand, the son announced it to him with elaboration of how difficult it is. His dad, with no change of expression on his face, remarked “Boy, you have faced nothing yet...” and continued with his drink.

Taking his father’s words as nothing but the sheer motivation, he topped the engineering too and got placed in an esteemed IT firm. Yet again, at the evening while his father was enjoying his drink, he told all the stories about his success and the difficult phase he cracked. To his shock, as usual, his father stated “Boy, you have faced nothing yet…”

By this time the son went berserk and said “Dear father, what do you mean by I haven’t faced nothing yet? I studied all by myself, topped school on national level, cracked engineering entrance and now got placed with top notch employer. Do you really feel it’s not difficult enough? If so, why don’t YOU tell me what’s yet to be faced? Bring it on, assign me anything you wish and I’ll prove it to you…” Father, with all the calmness in the world, sipped his drink and said “Ok son, so here is what you need to do…” and asked him to do something. Father continued “Come back to me after few years to continue the discussion”.

Few years passed by and one fine evening, the son came to his dad. The son seemed as lost as a cattle in the desert, as clueless as the planets orbiting the sun. He sat next to his dad with all his confidence shattered to the level of finest grain known to the mankind and declared “Dad, you were right, I haven’t had faced anything like this…” Now there were 2 whisky glasses accompanying the bottle.

Can you guess what his father made him do? 

His father asked him to get Married ...


  1. In my opinion ,Father was facing loneliness,There were no companion,no friend to whom with he can share his thoughts,feelings,desires. Even his son was also busy in his stuff,study,career etc.
    Therefore Father always told to him like he did not faced anything (loneliness) yet.

  2. I guess it's related to his marriage...managing work, home and a marriage.

  3. His father ask him to get married and each year, he experienced something new which he doesn't faced before.


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