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The Silent Letters

English is a great language. It has got compassion and credit for everything and tries to respect even unwanted alphabets by giving them the privilege of being “Silent”. These letters don’t have any existence when we utter the respective word but you dare not miss them in spellings while writing due to their inevitable ego.
It’s like being in merit list though one keeps on attending the school like a statue without any need to raise hand or answer anything or take any exam.
These silent letters do exist metaphorically in real world in form of real people. Have you ever noticed that there are few employees who keep flowing with other employees throughout the year (silently) and suddenly becomes stars in appraisal ratings as if it would be whole wrong without their profound existence!
If we consider an Indian orthodox family, these letters remind me of male kids who are there just to enjoy utter freedom to be wherever they want, do whatever they want without any individual responsibility …

We Know What You Need

Since mobile came into existence, people are really benefited as now the companies dealing in credit cards, personal loans, home loans, policies, ulip, mutual funds etc. can easily follow you and tell you what you need.
We get roughly around 10 calls a day wherein we are asked to purchase so and so policy, invest in so and so schemes, and apply for those marvelous credit cards. The whole world is at our feet! So considerate of these companies to take pain, convince us and make us aware of what we need!
On the other hand, what we do… many subscribe DND (Do not disturb) and lose all the life changing deals. Few like me play around these callers and make fun. 
Few days back I got a call, the lady said “Sir, do you need a personal loan? We have very good plan for you.” To which I replied “Thank god you called, today is my birthday and I forgot my wallet at home. Could you please lend me Rs 2000? I need to throw a small treat at office.
What really pisses me off is when they say that the pl…

Rainy Experience

Of all the seasons here in India, rainy season has got its own charm. You might start thinking about couples roaming around, kids playing and splashing water and elders enjoying a cup of tea with pakodas (the local snack) but wait... 
If you consider it from the prospect of a working adult the charm amplifies altogether to unimaginable heights on a working day.
It starts with the excitement of wrapping all that required in plastic bags and covering yourself with a fashionably dull rain coat and then pursuing the bike to enjoy the scenic weather. While on the way, the vehicles in front of you sprinkles the mud particles as a complimentary mud spa. The sweat flowing under the raincoat washes away all your tension as you keep waving yourself over the helmet visor. The package also includes the wonderful aqua rides in the underpasses filled with aromatic liquid and you get fascinated with boat-like experience on two wheeler.
Not to miss is the complete body massage, courtesy the well maintai…

Shopping with Wife

When I was bachelor, shopping for me was to go to my regular shops (a couple of them), select the stuff which catches my eye, pay and leave within max 15 minutes. And that’s how it still works if I am shopping without my wife.
Shopping with the wife has opened my eyes to an analytic, economic, gradual process of scrutinizing the plethora of options available. I am really bedazzled by her knowledge of colors. My shade-card, I could count on my fingers; but her color list needs a hefty hard-drive to store it. There are many colors which I didn’t know and yet can’t pronounce well!
While shopping, I act as an assistant as she might ask whether I like the stuff or not. It’s not that she wants to go with my decision. She uses me when she had made the chaos out of the well maintained shelves in the shop and now wants to try (read it as ruin) some other shop for more options. What she does is that she asks me “What do you think about this stuff?” while making an uninterested face (which is the…

Don't Read It!

Ok, so you decided to go on and read. Well this act itself endorses what I am about to share.
We are “DO THE DON’T” people. 
We explicitly attempt what’s prohibited while thinking “uMMmmmUM (it’s not ummmmmum, follow the caps for high notes, try it…… yup perfect), there must be some fun hiding in there…Why should I be refrained?”
We read DON’T as “Definitely One Nice Try” 
it’s in our genes like while leaving your kids in room alone for a while, you tell them “Don’t touch this, don’t do that” and they are like “uMMmmmUM….let the fun begin”. When we tell them “Don’t spoil your cloths while playing outside” they again think “uMMmmmUM….” Not only kids, the law says “Don’t ride without helmet” and we are like “uMMmmmUM….must be fun”
We are the explorers and we look for adventure everywhere. You write “Don’t Stick Bills” and we will dare it out, your advice “Don’t park here” and we will say “hell yes”. 
But is it that bad?
No, it’s matter of perception and this could be induced to bring out p…

What is life?

My son came to me
and enquired what is life, Though it was a shock for me But I tried to let his info thrive.
(Me) Life sometimes is a joyride, Sometimes like walking on knife, Enjoy it with what all you have, Coz there will be a time when you will get your wife.
(Son) I don’t agree the way it sound I see you most happy when mom is around, (Me) My son, whatever glitters is not gold, Everything you experience is always 2 fold.
(Me) Everybody has his share to suffer And yes you are right I cannot live without her, To keep her happy I ought to pretend Otherwise I’ll face questions to which there will be no end.
Balance is the name of the game She is also putting 100% and deserves the fame, (Son) Its getting confusing and nothing is clear (Me) let me ask my father and get back to you dear.
(Son) Does that mean you yourself don’t know (Me) It will take time you got to ride slow, Each day this life will show you new aspect That’s how it unfolds and you ought to respect.
Come with your problems and I’ll solve I ho…

Facebook Explained

I was sitting next to my father when I felt an urge to check my facebook account. My father glanced at it and asked
“What is this facebook?”
To which I, with a technology expert’s expressions on my face, replied “It’s a technological boon, a platform to get connected to each other”
“Oh address book hai..” my father uttered.
“No no, it a page where you share whatever is on your mind” I expressed.
“And you believe what others write on it? Dear, in past so many years, or so to say, since you are in your senses, have you ever been able to tell your own father about what’s on your mind? What’s more?”  
“Dad, people also post on it when they are travelling/flying from one location to another”
“Is it compulsory to post on facebook for completing boarding formalities? Are they getting any discount on flight for that?”
I firmly continued “Arre nahi papa, It helps to keep everybody informed..”
“Informed of what? When is the right time to plan a theft in their abode? Do you remember the time we use…