Don't Read It!

Ok, so you decided to go on and read. Well this act itself endorses what I am about to share.

We are “DO THE DON’T” people. 

We explicitly attempt what’s prohibited while thinking “uMMmmmUM (it’s not ummmmmum, follow the caps for high notes, try it…… yup perfect), there must be some fun hiding in there…Why should I be refrained?”

We read DON’T as “Definitely One Nice Try” 

it’s in our genes like while leaving your kids in room alone for a while, you tell them “Don’t touch this, don’t do that” and they are like “uMMmmmUM….let the fun begin”. When we tell them “Don’t spoil your cloths while playing outside” they again think “uMMmmmUM….” Not only kids, the law says “Don’t ride without helmet” and we are like “uMMmmmUM….must be fun”

We are the explorers and we look for adventure everywhere. You write “Don’t Stick Bills” and we will dare it out, your advice “Don’t park here” and we will say “hell yes”. 

But is it that bad?

No, it’s matter of perception and this could be induced to bring out positive results. When I see my son doing something wrong, I say “Wow, great, keep doing it, how nice this feels … haina? Shabash!” and it spoils his fun, it takes out all the adventure, a road without obstacle…. Not worth.

Same goes with the campaigns like anti-smoking. I think they should write “Enjoy smoking, its wonderful out there in hospitals, doctors are relying on you for their bread and butter. Nobody is going to miss you when you are gone, your existence doesn’t make any difference to the world…

You know why it would work? Because we hate to take instructions/orders. Who the hell are others to tell me what to do? It might not be my way but it’s definitely won’t be your way, jaa karle jo karna hai. We will always disgust if something comes without instructions despite the fact that we don’t entertain what’s there with instructions!!

But is it only the people who act this way?

You are doing well, no tension no worries and you don’t want them either and suddenly the life goes 



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