Facebook Explained

I was sitting next to my father when I felt an urge to check my facebook account. My father glanced at it and asked

“What is this facebook?”

To which I, with a technology expert’s expressions on my face, replied “It’s a technological boon, a platform to get connected to each other”

“Oh address book hai..” my father uttered.

“No no, it a page where you share whatever is on your mind” I expressed.

“And you believe what others write on it? Dear, in past so many years, or so to say, since you are in your senses, have you ever been able to tell your own father about what’s on your mind? What’s more?”  

“Dad, people also post on it when they are travelling/flying from one location to another”

“Is it compulsory to post on facebook for completing boarding formalities? Are they getting any discount on flight for that?”

I firmly continued “Arre nahi papa, It helps to keep everybody informed..”

“Informed of what? When is the right time to plan a theft in their abode? Do you remember the time we use to go out on some vacation, we use to tell only Solanki ji (Our trusted neighbor) so that he could keep a watch, no one else! Are you people out of your senses? What’s more?”

“Dad, people also share their achievements in career and not only that, photographs of their holidays and travel destinations” With a firm belief that he will get my point now, I emphasized.

“Beta, one should avoid making noise of their achievements. Logo ki nazar lag jaati hai. Nobody, except your family would be happy to see you flourishing.” 

There was silence for a while as if he is recollecting what I said. “Wait a minute, did you say upload pics? Is that the reason you went on an expensive overseas holiday last month so that you can upload pics on facebook???”

“Come on dad, people also share wonderful thoughts, motivational stories and fun videos here”

“How many time have i told you to keep away from such losers who have time just to waste on these useless activities? Beta inke saath rahega to tu bhi bigad jayega."

"And if you have so much time to waste, hamare makaan ko freehold kyu nahi karwa leta? It’s been months I am asking you to do that, tab to tere pass time nahi hota….Beta kucch naa dharaa iss facebook mein, khali logo ke chochle hai….Concentrate on your job. Jaa fridge se thande paani ki bottle le kar aa….”

And I miserably failed to put up a single point to my rescue, Do you guys could think of any or my father is right?


  1. Yes he is..this is just awesome. Actually better than your earlier stuffs. on second thoughts you should start writing columns...may be in TOI or HT. Wat say???


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