Rainy Experience

Of all the seasons here in India, rainy season has got its own charm. You might start thinking about couples roaming around, kids playing and splashing water and elders enjoying a cup of tea with pakodas (the local snack) but wait... 

If you consider it from the prospect of a working adult the charm amplifies altogether to unimaginable heights on a working day.

It starts with the excitement of wrapping all that required in plastic bags and covering yourself with a fashionably dull rain coat and then pursuing the bike to enjoy the scenic weather. While on the way, the vehicles in front of you sprinkles the mud particles as a complimentary mud spa. The sweat flowing under the raincoat washes away all your tension as you keep waving yourself over the helmet visor. The package also includes the wonderful aqua rides in the underpasses filled with aromatic liquid and you get fascinated with boat-like experience on two wheeler.

Not to miss is the complete body massage, courtesy the well maintained roads specifically built with low quality material for the occasion. It’s not just that your body is having all the pleasure, your mind as well keep playing the game of evaluating the depth of water spots and finding the right way throughout the journey. Moreover, the unpredictable diversions and closed roads provides an opportunity to explore even better locations awaiting to get unfolded.

The friendly experience of facing the water splashes from co-commuters, while the endeavor is made all by them to maintain that speed and targeting the well filled spots for maximum exposure, without even waiting to receive your heartfelt thanks, and you feel like you are celebrating holi (the color festival). The slippery spots waiting eagerly to hug you are another added advantage.

Finally you reach your workplace refreshed and energized with all that beautiful experience still in your head with a wish to get lucky once again while returning home.


  1. I wish you have a true "romantic" rainy season...this I am telling in the reference with having hot pakodas and cup of team with your better half...

    1. The second line spoiled it all, i am not in that age category if you relate the blog entry...


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