The Silent Letters

English is a great language. It has got compassion and credit for everything and tries to respect even unwanted alphabets by giving them the privilege of being “Silent”. These letters don’t have any existence when we utter the respective word but you dare not miss them in spellings while writing due to their inevitable ego.

It’s like being in merit list though one keeps on attending the school like a statue without any need to raise hand or answer anything or take any exam.

These silent letters do exist metaphorically in real world in form of real people. Have you ever noticed that there are few employees who keep flowing with other employees throughout the year (silently) and suddenly becomes stars in appraisal ratings as if it would be whole wrong without their profound existence!

If we consider an Indian orthodox family, these letters remind me of male kids who are there just to enjoy utter freedom to be wherever they want, do whatever they want without any individual responsibility and meagre expectations, doesn’t matter even if they destroy the aesthetics of the family (word) . They could also be compared to son-in-laws, in same orthodox family, being served like kings by girl’s parents for just being in existence.

Well most of the time they stand right there, in front, without any embarrassment and head held high in the air. Many time they are pushed in between by companions who hate them and are empowered with the time but cannot just vanish them out. But there are times where these silent letters are ashamed as they realize their true worth, thus hide at the back after all others. 

But all said and done, the silent letters have remarkable swagger endorsed by the tagline “Mere baare mein jyaada mat sochna, main written mein aata hu pronunciation mein nahi…” Well they got to be a fan of Salman Khan!


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