What is life?

My son came to me

and enquired what is life,
Though it was a shock for me
But I tried to let his info thrive.

(Me) Life sometimes is a joyride,
Sometimes like walking on knife,
Enjoy it with what all you have,
Coz there will be a time when you will get your wife.

(Son) I don’t agree the way it sound
I see you most happy when mom is around,
(Me) My son, whatever glitters is not gold,
Everything you experience is always 2 fold.

(Me) Everybody has his share to suffer
And yes you are right I cannot live without her,
To keep her happy I ought to pretend
Otherwise I’ll face questions to which there will be no end.

Balance is the name of the game
She is also putting 100% and deserves the fame,
(Son) Its getting confusing and nothing is clear
(Me) let me ask my father and get back to you dear.

(Son) Does that mean you yourself don’t know
(Me) It will take time you got to ride slow,
Each day this life will show you new aspect
That’s how it unfolds and you ought to respect.

Come with your problems and I’ll solve I hope
But defining the life as whole is out of scope.


  1. You actually love ma'am a lot and that is the reason your every blog has her mention...


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