Freedom We Enjoy

First of all a very happy independence day in advance to all of you.

Oh you are married, please ignore the first line and read on.

We all are lucky to born in a free country and are enjoying the freedom for which our ancestors made many sacrifices. But our contribution is also significant for we have clearly understood the real significance of this freedom.

We are no more dependent on any other country or ruler to come and exploit us as we are now self-sufficient in doing that ourselves. Gone are the days when British looted us of our resources and exploited the people of India, we are smart enough to learn their strategy and implement among fellow Indians. 

We are even many steps ahead of our past rulers as we have created many barriers ourselves to divide the Indian society in many segments based on caste they belong, economic status, state/city people live in, religion they follow, political party they support and many more.

We are in process of developing more of such things to create chaos and enjoy the freedom to do it our way without giving any thought or keeping any sensitivity towards others (see, we know the meaning of “developing country” too).

What we love the most is our freedom of communication which gives us privilege to say anything to anyone literally. We can comment on anybody’s faith, behavior even the clothes they wear, we have no sympathy towards others while enjoying this power and others are also free to do so; Right to impartiality. If you are politically/financially strong, you can tease/abduct anybody and let her/him move along with you; Liberty of movement.

We celebrate this day by flying kites in the sky, an expression of freedom. But the irony is that we put up our best to cut down other kites and enjoy how skillfully we suppressed freedom of others. The day lits up the sense of what real freedom is but gets ignored under the shine of “A national holiday”.

How free we are to even carve out our own meaning of freedom and only freedom, duties are for losers…


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