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Whats the use of eyes,  if the view haven't got her Whats the use of ears, if the sound isn't one i prefer Whats the purpose of smelling, if she is missing in air around. Whats the purpose of feeling, if her touch is not found. Whats the need of words, If she is not there to hear. Whats the need of thoughts, If she isn't part of them to endear. Whats the meaning of attraction, If she is not the one being observed Whats the meaning of being lost, If the moments with her not preserved Whats the role of dreams, If her appearance is denied. Whats the role of reality, If she is not the one by my side.


Somehow things changed in a way, My ears stopped accepting sounds as they were. Filled with noise of thoughts in my mind, i keep searching cure to silence of her. Intentional or not, that's not the question, She used to fight to sort it out. But now the words are not flowing, Making my mind go filled with various doubt. How can i assume the things, And do what she wants me to do. I know she is kind to hint, But assumptions are surrounding the clue. Why isn't the life easy, Why we stop ourselves to convey. Why to make assumptions play, And then lose the time in that way. Waiting for other to guess, Might go the way you thought. But for 1 right there are 99 wrong too, Isn't that gonna pain a lot. Instinct is required, When the other is not around. Then why to waste the opportunity, Lets speak the heart out and loud.

A tale of eyes

The day has come which he always waited for. Her eyes were twinkling, a suppressed smile, though clearly visible, suggesting that she is aware of what he is about to say. He nervously made a move to come near, the smile widened a bit.. in a trembling voice …. He said “ I wanted to say something…. No I mean, I wanted to tell you something…. “. She raised her head, looked him in the eyes and said “ What  do you want to say? Or tell?... I am listening…. ” He took a deep breath and continued “ I…. the weather is so nice, isn’t it? ” “ That’s what you want to tell? ” she asked teasingly.. “ I don’t know how to put it….. The thing is that…… we have been going to office in same shuttle for last three months…. And I guess ….. I like you.. ” “ Yeah, I like you too, we are friends right? ” she said “ Of course we are friends…. By like you I meant….. ” “ Hey Paarth! Wake up son….. Aren’t you going to office today? ”  He suddenly woke up at the alarm raised b


आज इस कदर मैं परेशान नज़र आता हूँ, औरो से नहीं बनिस्पत खुद से खफा नज़र आता हूँ। जिन अपनों को माना ज़िन्दगी का सबब, आज उन् अपनों को मैं पराया नज़र आता हूँ। जिनं से बेबाक कर लिया करता था हर सोच बया, बिना शिकवा जो देते थे तवज्जो मुझको। की ना जाने कौन सी बात अखर जाए उनको, आज हर अलफ़ाज़ मैं सहमा सा कह पाता हूँ। जिन अपनों को माना ज़िन्दगी का सबब, आज उन् अपनों को मैं पराया नज़र आता हूँ। ऐसा नहीं की मैं बदल गया हु अब, की आज भी वोह मुझे उतने ही अज़ीज़ है। पर ना जाने उन्हें क्यों लगता है हर बार, की मैं अपने नहीं, सुनी सुनाई बातें दोहराता हूँ। जिन अपनों को माना ज़िन्दगी का सबब, आज उन् अपनों को मैं पराया नज़र आता हूँ। की जब तक रहेगा पर्दा यही बेरुखी का, और होंगी मुलाकातें कुछ यु की रस्मे हो जैसे। लबो पर मुस्कराहट भले ही क़याम रखने में हो कमियाब, आँखों की वीरानियों को देखते है कब तक छुपा पाता हूँ। जिन अपनों को माना ज़िन्दगी का सबब, आज उन् अपनों को मैं पराया नज़र आता हूँ।