A tale of eyes

The day has come which he always waited for. Her eyes were twinkling, a suppressed smile, though clearly visible, suggesting that she is aware of what he is about to say. He nervously made a move to come near, the smile widened a bit.. in a trembling voice …. He said “I wanted to say something…. No I mean, I wanted to tell you something…. “. She raised her head, looked him in the eyes and said “What  do you want to say? Or tell?... I am listening….

He took a deep breath and continued “I…. the weather is so nice, isn’t it?

That’s what you want to tell?” she asked teasingly..

I don’t know how to put it….. The thing is that…… we have been going to office in same shuttle for last three months…. And I guess ….. I like you..

Yeah, I like you too, we are friends right?” she said

Of course we are friends…. By like you I meant…..

Hey Paarth! Wake up son….. Aren’t you going to office today?” 

He suddenly woke up at the alarm raised by his mom. He realized that it was a dream and he really got late for office and rushed through the chores to get ready and reach the shuttle point.

Shristi was also there waiting for the shuttle. He reached, got hold of his breath and looked at her. Every time he saw her, she looked more beautiful. He thought “Today I am going to talk with her” that’s what he used to plan every day, but was never able to say even hi. He observed that she looked a bit sad. Their eyes made a contact but just for a second. He wasn’t even aware whether she ever noticed him.

Shuttle arrived and they boarded. She sat with pratiksha, her close friend and Paarth stood few steps ahead in front of them.

Shristi: “Pratiksha! You got to come, you are my only friend.

Pratiksha: “Why are you doing all this? Why don’t you just tell your father what you want?

Shristi: “You know it all, we don’t have any other option

Pratiksha: “But your father loves you so much. if you tell him, he will surely understand!

Shristi: “I know, but he has already done so much for me and now I cannot just leave him alone with all these problems.

Pratiksha: “Look, he is looking at you now and then” pointing her eyes towards Paarth.

Shristi: “I am not sure if he feels the same, he never talked to me

Pratiksha: “I don’t know …. Got to get off, reached my office..

Paarth again tried to get a glance, there was something in her hands…. A wedding card!

She looked at him, realizing he is watching, she moved her hands off the card. Its her wedding card. Paarth was shocked and looked at her…. She looked at him with sad eyes…

and Paarth realized that he was late…


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