Somehow things changed in a way,
My ears stopped accepting sounds as they were.
Filled with noise of thoughts in my mind,
i keep searching cure to silence of her.

Intentional or not, that's not the question,
She used to fight to sort it out.
But now the words are not flowing,
Making my mind go filled with various doubt.

How can i assume the things,
And do what she wants me to do.
I know she is kind to hint,
But assumptions are surrounding the clue.

Why isn't the life easy,
Why we stop ourselves to convey.
Why to make assumptions play,
And then lose the time in that way.

Waiting for other to guess,
Might go the way you thought.
But for 1 right there are 99 wrong too,
Isn't that gonna pain a lot.

Instinct is required,
When the other is not around.
Then why to waste the opportunity,
Lets speak the heart out and loud.


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